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I’m a software development enthusiast who likes trying different web technologies and adding value to his team.

In my previous post ( I’ve talked about creating a root CA certificate and a server certificate with extensions configuration. Now, I’ll continue with creating a client certificate that can be used for the mutual SSL connections.

In the following commands, I’ll be using the root certificate (root-ca) created in…

In this post, I’ll step by step create a server certificate including configurations like subject alternative names and key identifiers.

Modern browsers include several security controls to make sure you are visiting the exact site that you’ve aimed for. SSL certificates have an important role in achieving this. However, not…

The environment for .Net Core applications can be determined via environment variables.

.Net Core applications use the “ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT” value for determining the environment profile. This profile is very important and can be used to determine many application settings or for specific error pages and exception handling.

For example; you can…

I have posted before about creating self-signed client certificates with makecert utility. Today I’d like to describe step by step how we can do it with OpenSSL.

Client certificates are essential for mutual SSL authentication. During development and testing, I usually need self-signed ones for simplicity.

First, we need to…

Pfx is mostly known in Windows environments as a certificate archive format. It’s a binary encapsulating the public certificate, private key, and intermediate certificates. Its most general name is PKCS12 format.

Most of the time the pfx files are protected with a password. …

This is how you can connect (ssh) from your Windows 10 machine to your Linux server (CentOS in my case) without entering the SSH password.

  • First, open “PowerShell” and execute the following command to generate public/private RSA key pair:


In this post I’ll show you how to publish a ASPNET.Core gRPC server to a Windows 2019 Server as a windows service.

gRPC is a high performance remote procedure call framework. With gRPC you can create real time services which can stream requests and responses. Since the release of .NET…

I usually need SSL certificates for staging and production environments. For a long time creating self-signed digital certificates was the only option if you were not willing to spend money for it.

Well, not any more.

Mert Ilis

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